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Retro-Fit Windows

One of the best improvements you can do to your home is to replace your old drafty single pane windows with high quality dual pane windows with high performance low-E glass. The addition of a high quality dual pane window to your home can lower your energy cost as well as increase the comfort level and over all value of your home.

Milgard Windows
We offer windows to fit almost every need, from a replacement of a single window due to damage from burglary or vandalism, to upgrading a complete house from single to dual pane. All of our windows are custom made to fit your home; we do not use a β€œcookie cutter” window that requires your home to be modified to fit the window. Lifetime warranty available on all windows and doors.

When calling for a glass replacement there are a few things you should keep in mind, depending on what the glass is to be used for. The first scenario we will look at is for a window glass replacement. When calling for a window replacement most glass companies are going to want to know some information about the window.

Milgard Window
Our aluminum windows are available in 3 popular frame colors and a variety of glass options including tinted and pattern glasses. As with all of our windows Low-E glass is included as a standard option. Aluminum windows have been the standard window in the valley for over 50 years and have the strength and look that fits most homes. As such they are a natural choice for replacements of single windows or new home additions.

Milgard Window Example

We also offer top of the line vinyl framed windows, which minimize the thermal conductivity between the inside and outside of your home. Today’s vinyl windows are far superior to the products that were available when vinyl windows first debuted. They have more ultra-violet inhibitors to prevent the deterioration of the frame in our Arizona Sun. The window line we carry has fusion-welded frames so that there are no staples or screw holes to provide a weak point in the frame. Our vinyl windows are available in your choice of white or tan.

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