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Shade Screens

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Solar screens offer many benefits that include protection of interior furnishings from fading, insect control, as well as saving energy, these benefits are why solar screens are the most cost effective improvement that you can make to your home. Exterior shading is the most effective way to block solar heat gain, and and daytime privacy to your home.

FREE ESTIMATE with purchase of complete house package. Contact us to schedule an appointment or contact us with approximate sizes and one of our representatives will give you an estimate either by email or by phone. We also offer a golf ball resistant stand-off screen that extends away from your window frame in order to give you added protection from errant golf balls.

Below are some of our available options:
Best - Phifer Super Solar Screening
Phifer Super Solar Screening
We carry the ultimate in shading protection Phifer's Super Solar Screen which blocks up to 90% of the sun's heat before it strikes your windows, making your air conditioner more efficient at cooling your home. Super Solar Screening from Phifer improves air-conditioning efficiency by stopping up to 90% of the sun's heat before it penetrates the glass surface.

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Better - SunTex
Our best seller is material which is available in a choice of four earth tone colors.With Suntex installed up to 80% of the sun's heat and glare is reflected away from your house before ever getting to your window glass, making your windows even more effective insulators. The fabric is also pet resistant making it ideal for use in doors and full-length screen panels.

The chart here shows a window with Brown SunTex installed. In midsummer as much as 230 BTUs can fall on each unprotected square foot of glass.With SunTex installed, up to 80% of the sun's heat and glare is reflected, absorbed and dissipated before it strikes the window.

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Good - Phifer SunScreen
Phifer SunScreen
Our standard solar screen is designed to block up to 70% of the sun's heat and glare. Solar screen stops most insects but will allow gentle breezes to enter. If your windows have existing insect screens, we will remove them and install new solar screens in their place as well as over the stationary panels.

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Golf Ball Resistant Screens

Flush Mounted to a pop-out

Surface Mounted
Our golf ball resistant screens stand off the window between 3/4" to a full 3", by doing so the tightly stretched sunscreen can absorb a large portion of the energy from the golf ball causing it to bounce off the screen like a trampoline preventing it from breaking the glass.

We use 90% screen in this application because it is a tighter weave of material. While the screens are not golf ball proof, they do offer an attractive alternative to some of the other methods that are available.

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